Innovation at the Heart of Beverages

At Finwerd Flavours & Fragrances, the journey into beverage innovation is deeply intertwined with a passion for the craft itself. Our commitment extends beyond the laboratory and into the very lives of the people who work here, embodying a culture that lives and breathes beverages in every sense.

Mari van Gestel, our esteemed Head of Beverage Creation, exemplifies this ethos. Beyond his professional achievements, Mari dedicates his time off to volunteering at a local brewery. This hands-on involvement is not just a hobby but a testament to his deep-rooted love for the beverage industry. It's this genuine passion that Mari brings back to Finwerd, enriching our innovations with real-world insights and a craftsman's touch.

Likewise, our team at the Delft headquarters shares this enthusiasm. Many colleagues are engaged in wine courses, immersing themselves in the world of viticulture and enology. This continuous pursuit of knowledge not only enhances their personal appreciation for beverages but also informs our approach to flavour development and innovation.

Our commitment to innovation is further demonstrated through our work in modifier flavours, where we've made significant strides in reducing sugar content for flagship brands worldwide. These achievements are a direct result of our team's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, driven by a desire to create healthier, yet equally delicious beverage options.

At Finwerd, our approach to beverage innovation is grounded in a blend of science, creativity, and an authentic passion for the industry. The involvement of our team in activities like brewing and wine education illustrates a company culture that doesn't just work in the beverage industry—we live it, bringing a depth of understanding and enthusiasm to our creations that is truly unmatched.